S. Siparov. Introduction to the Anisotropic Geometrodynamics. New Jersey – London – Singapore, World Scientific, 2011.

Sergey Siparov Introduction to the Anisotropic GeometrodynamicsThe aim of the book is to provide a new and fruitful approach to the challenging problems of modern physics, astrophysics, and cosmology. The well-known observations of the flat rotation curves of spiral galaxies and of the gravitational lensing effect greatly exceeding the expectations based on the classical GRT can be explained without bringing in the notion of dark matter. The Tully-Fisher law and the unusual features of globular clusters’ motion become clear. It also turns out that new features appear in the cosmological picture that involves the Universe expansion and the acceleration of the latter. The theory and the first observational results of the specific galactic scale experiment based on the optical-metrical parametric resonance are also discussed in the book. Instead of the direct measurements of the extremely small gravitational waves, it appears sufficient just to register their action on the radiation of the space masers. It can be done for special cases when the source of the gravitational wave is strictly periodic and presents a close binary system. When the amount of data obtained in such observations is large enough, it would be possible to judge upon the geometrical properties of the space-time region enveloping our galaxy, the Milky Way. The foundations of the new approach stem from the equivalence principle which is the basics of the classical GRT. In order to make the presentation self-contained, the roots of century-old ideas are discussed again. This makes the book interesting not only to the specialists in the field but also to graduates and ambitious undergraduate students.

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S. Siparov. Concepts of modern science. St-Petersburg, SUCA, 2005

S. Siparov. Concepts of modern science.The text-book deals with the issues of philosophy of science, the origin and properties of the Universe (galaxies, stars, planets, solar system), the origin and structure of the Earth, geology and geography, the theory of evolution in the chemical and molecular and biological aspects, main concepts of general and modern physics (including the foundations of quantum theory, relativity theory and collective phenomena ) and the basic of the concept of noosphere.

I.O.Protod’iakonov, S.V.Siparov. Mechanics of the adsrption process in the gas-solid systems. Leningrad, “Nauka”, 1985.

I.O.Protodyakonov, S.V.Siparov. Mechanics of the adsrption process in the gas-solid systems.The book provides the first coherent presentation of the three most important elements of the theory of the adsorption process: the molecular theory of adsorption, the theory of transport processes in the grain of the sorbent and the theory of adsorption in the disperse gas – solid systems (stationary, moving, and fluidized beds). Particular attention is paid to the deep connection between these elements of the theory of the adsorption process. The book essentially uses the representations and methods of statistical physics and continuum media mechanics. The monograph is intended for a wide range of research scientists and engineers who specialize in the theoretical foundations of chemical engineering, physical chemistry on surfaces, and hydromechanics of disperse media. It can also be useful to teachers, graduate students and undergraduate students of chemical, chemical engineering and physical specialties.