Anisotropic Geometrodynamics and its author

 Sergey Siparov the author of equivalence theorySergey Siparov’s research interests occupy a wide range of issues, including quantum mechanics, the classical theory of relativity (GTR) and axiomatic construction of dynamics.

In particular, he developed the theory of optic-metrical parametric resonance (OMPR) – the zero-order effect, allowing to detect gravitational waves emitted by periodic astrophysical sources like close binary stars using the registration and processing of signals of cosmic masers [A&A, 2004]. Necessary observations were made in Pushchino, the radio astronomy observatory of RAS. The results are consistent with predictions and published.

Besides, he suggested the theory of gravity, known as anisotropic geometrodynamics (AGD). It is based on a generalized principle of equivalence and is the next step after general relativity in the way of geometrization of physics. On a cosmological scale, this theory can do without introducing the concept of dark matter in the interpretation of the rotation curves of spiral galaxies, it explains the empirical Tully-Fisher law, and remove a number of problems in the interpretation of observations. On the scale of planetary systems AGD results do not differ from the results of general relativity. A specific test to check for AGD could be the results of processing a sufficient number of observations of the OMPR effect.

Currently, he develops metric dynamics – a geometric approach, based on the ideas of Clifford aimed at the axiomatic construction of mechanics, not connected with the concept of force fields. Instead, it uses the modelling of physical reality with the help of anisotropic space. This allows, on the one hand, to use the new language interpreting observations in mechanics and electrodynamics, and on the other hand, to overcome a number of paradoxes in quantum mechanics. Under this approach, AGD becomes a branch of physics that is naturally associated with the other branches.

Introduction to the Anisotropic Geometrodynamics

Сергей Сипаров Introduction to the Anisotropic GeometrodynamicsThe book consists of three parts. The first, introductory part is devoted to the analysis of the theory of relativity and the problems encountered in the observations on a cosmological scale. The second part discusses the causes of the problems, justification of the proposed anisotropic geometrodynamics and its rigorous exposition. It is shown that at the galactic scale, many observational problems are removed, and on a planetary system scale AGD goes into general relativity. The third part discusses the possibility of using a specific OMPR effect to test AGD and to determine the geometrical properties of our galaxy.